Research Projects:

  1. Accurate cardiac fibrillatory activity mapping: an experimental contribution. Program: Young Researchers in Emerging Centers (JP-FAPESP). Process n°: 2018/25606-2. Duration period: 01/07/2021 to 30/06/2025. Responsible researcher: João Loures Salinet Júnior (UFABC).
  2. Development of Brain Circulation Assessment System to assist Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurological Patients. Process: 426440/2018-8, call MCTIC/CNPq n° 28/2018 – Universal/Faixa A. Angela Salinet (Coordinator). Member (João Salinet). Period: 2019-2021.


– Masters:

  1. Melissa Del Carmen McInnis. Project: Validation of an inverse electrocardiographic solution method for evaluating the cardiac electrical activity of the epicardium. Postgraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering, Federal University of ABC (Capes Masters Scholarship in collaboration with the Programa de Alianzas para la Educación y la Capacitación (PAEC OEA-GCUB), 2019.

– Scientific initiation:

  1. Gabriel Victor Costa. Project: Mapping of epicardial atrial electrical activity during atrial fibrillation from torso signs: a clinical-computational study. Biomedical Engineering, Federal University of ABC (Scholarship: IC Fapesp no. 2020/13017-2).
  2. Camila Rocha Restivo. Project: Validation of a customized method for estimating electrical potentials in the torso from atrial signals: a computational-clinical study. Biomedical Engineering, Federal University of ABC (Scholarship: IC Fapesp no. 2020/12841-3).
  3. Matheus Oliveira Zamai. Project: CAAos Plataform – open source platform for calculating brain self-regulation. Scientific Initiation, CNPQ scholarship. Federal University of ABC.
  4. Isabella Rizzi Rios. Project: Systematization of the generation of 3D surfaces of the torso and atria in patients with atrial fibrillation from magnetic resonance images. Scientific Initiation, CNPQ scholarship, Federal University of ABC.
  5. Renata Romanelli da Costa. Project: CAAos Platform – cerebral autoregulation assessment open source platform: validation of the autoregulation index. Biomedical Engineering, Federal University of ABC (Scholarship: Scientific Initiation Fapesp no. 2020/02366-6)